Two Prisoners with Constantly Deteriorating Health, says Detainees Commission

RAMALLAH, December 29, 2014 (WAFA) – The Commission of Detainees & Ex- Detainees Affairs said on Monday the medical condition of prisoners Yousef al-Nawaja’a from Hebron and Ashraf Abul Huda from Nablus who are detained in ‘Ramla’ hospital is getting worse.


The deterioration in the prisoners’ health is attributed to a deliberate policy  of medical negligence carried out by the Israeli Prison Service against Palestinian prisoners in general.


The commission stated in a press release that the medical condition of the al-Nawaja’a, a 46–year-old who was arrested on February 12, 2012 is very critical and serious.


He suffers from Epilepsy, has a blood drop in the brain, Hemiparesis in addition to the fact that he carries urine and feces drainage bags in his hands at all times.


The Commission added that Abul Huda, 35-year-old, also has a critical health condition.

Abul Huda was arrested on April 6, 2014 after being shot in his back; however this didn’t stop the Israeli soldiers from brutally beating him despite of his injury.

He suffers from severe pain in the pelvic area, his back, feet, and head, which deprives him from sleeping at night.