UNRWA Reiterates Its Appeal to Provide Urgent Cash Assistance to Gaza

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JERUSALEM, July 22, 2014 (WAFA) – The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), in a statement Tuesday, reiterated its appeal to provide urgent cash assistance to the urgent humanitarian needs of the people of Gaza in light of the ongoing Israeli aggression on the strip sine July 8.

The dramatic escalation of violence in Gaza since the beginning of July 2014 has led the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to declare an emergency in all five areas of the Gaza Strip.

“By 21 July, over 500 people have died, more than 3,000 were injured, and more than 100,000 have fled their homes to seek shelter in 69 UNRWA schools. The number of displaced seeking shelter in UNRWA installations now exceeds that of the 2008 conflict, and their needs grow only more urgent, “said the statement.

UNRWA has appealed for US$ 115 million in funds to respond to the urgent humanitarian needs of the people of Gaza. Palestinians in the West Bank, both individuals and institutions, have been eager to send support to their compatriots in the Gaza Strip, and their generosity is a welcome expression of solidarity and support, it said.

The most urgent need for both the civilians of Gaza and UNRWA is for cash being the most flexible and adaptable means to provide assistance to those in need. Donations make it possible for UNRWA to procure food and non-food items, provide refugees with urgent cash assistance and undertake repair and maintenance works on their homes and on the schools and installations now providing shelter.

Cash donations can be made online at www.unrwa.org/donate.

UNRWA asks those seeking to contribute in-kind assistance to coordinate with our established partners in the West Bank, including the governorates’ chambers of commerce. With these partners, UNRWA will establish a list of non-food items needed in the Gaza Strip and arrange to collect and transport donations. Food donations are impractical due to their perishable nature and frequent delays at border crossings.

Palestinians in Gaza are – for the third time in less than six years – experiencing a violent conflict that only exacerbates the consequences of a protracted humanitarian crisis. The solidarity and togetherness of the Palestinian community is always a source of intangible support, and UNRWA appreciates the generosity and empathy that has been shown. We thank you for calling on UNRWA to help you help the people in Gaza and do hope that via a coordinated effort with established partners in the West bank and Gaza and elsewhere we can help better and more effectively the people of Gaza.


Source: WAFA