UPDATE (1) – 70 Palestinians Killed, Over 150 Injured on 23rd Day of Israeli Aggression


GAZA, July 30, 2014 – (WAFA) – As Israel rolled deeper early Wednesday into its military aggression on Gaza Strip for the twenty third day, committing bloody massacres against the defenseless civilian Palestinian population, it killed 70 Palestinians and injured 150 others, bringing the death toll to 1299 and around 7170 injuries.

Palestinian rescue teams recovered the bodies of Abu ‘Amer family consisting of six members, including four children, from under the rubble of their home after it was shelled by Israeli bombardment at Al-Mahatta in Khan Younes. The fatalities were identified as Ahmad Suleiman Abu ‘Amer, his wife Mona Hajjaj Abu ‘Amer and their four children Marah, Marwa, Yaser and Mohammad.

Earlier on Tuesday, the brother of Abu amer was also killed along with his entire family; his wife and five children, in addition to two of their relatives.

Meanwhile, Israeli artillery shells shattered into Jabalia marketplace and a home, claiming the lives of three Palestinians and injuring twenty others.

Artillery shelling also targeted two home in Khan Younes, claiming the lives of five Palestinains from Abu Jazar and Al-Ghalban families and injuring 15 others.

Earlier, a Palestinian identified as Iftikhar Abu Zurei‘ succumbed to her wounds she had sustained in an airstrike.  Israeli tanks shelled Abu Al-Hussein UNRWA-run school in Jabalia in northern Gaza Strip being used as a refuge for those internally-displaced as a result of the military aggression, claiming the lives of 16 Palestinians and injuring over 100 others.

Meanwhile, Palestinian rescue teams recovered the body of a Palestinian from the rubble of his home at Al-Zawayda in central Gaza Strip. He was identified as Mohammad Abu Swirh, 24.

Israeli tanks also shelled Al-Naser neighborhood to the east of Rafah, claiming the life of a Palestinian. He was identified as Hussein Mohammad Abu Rezeq, 35.

Israeli artillery shelling also targeted a home belonging to Al-Astal family in Khan Younes, claiming the lives of 10 of the family members, including a child. They were identified as ‘Ali Mahmoud Al-Astal, Khaled Salim Al-Astal, Mohammad Salim Al-Astal, Ramzi Ibrahim Al-Astal, Odeh Ahmad Al-Astal, Ahmad Mahmoud Al-Astal, Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Astal, Khalil Ibrahim Al-Astal and Mohammad Khalil Al-Astal.

Meanwhile, an Israeli warplane fired a missile at an apartment in the Italian Complex Tower to the north of Gaza city, claiming the life of a Palestinian identified as ‘Ahed Zaqout.

An Israeli surveillance drone fired a missile at Ma‘an to the west of Khan Younes, claiming the lives of three Palestinians. They were identified as Jihad Salah Al-Breim, 28, ‘Abdul-‘Aziz Abu ‘Ajra, 23, and Mohammad Suleiman Al-Qarra, 27.

Another surveillance drone targeted with a missile Bani Suheila to the east of Khan Younes, claiming the life of a Palestinian and injuring three others. The fatality was identified as ‘Omar ‘Awad Al-Breim.

Meanwhile, Israeli artillery shells slammed into a home belonging to Al-Khalili family in At-Tuffah neighborhood to the east of Gaza city, claiming the lives of six of the family members, including four children and injuring three others, including a critically-injured child.

Source: WAFA