UPDATE (1): 90 Palestinians Killed, Dozens Injured on 26th Day of Israeli Aggression on Gaza


GAZA, August 2, 2014 – (WAFA) – As Israel resumed Saturday its bombardment of the Gaza Strip on the 26th day, committing bloody massacres against the defenseless civilian Palestinian population, it killed at least 90 Palestinians, most of whom are children women, and elderly, as well as injured dozens others, bringing the death toll to about 1,669 and 8970 injuries.

Two Palestinians were killed and at least seven others injured as Israeli bombardment targeted a group of Palestinian civilians at Al-Mawasi in Rafah.

An Israeli warplanes pounded a home belonging to Qandil family in Al-Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza Strip, claiming the lives of three Palestinians. They were identified as ‘Amr Tareq Qandil, Wa’el Nihad As-Sayed and Mohammad Taysir Hasan.

Another Palestinian was killed and many others were injured Saturday afternoon as Israeli bombardment targeted a gathering of Palestinian civilians to the south of Rafah, according to medical sources.

Meanwhile, Palestinian rescue teams recovered the bodies of 19 Palestinians from under the rubble of their homes in At-Tanour and As-Salam neighborhoods that were bombed Friday in Rafah. The number of Palestinians killed since the beginning of Israel’s attack on Rafah on Saturday reached 120 so far, in addition to 600 injuries.

Meanwhile, a Palestinian identified as Yaser Yousef Ad-Dabbagh succumbed to his wounds he had sustained in an earlier strike on the strip. He was being treated at an Egyptian hospital.

Another Palestinian was killed during an Israeli raid on his home at Al-Mawasi in Rafah. He was identified as ‘Imad Seyam.

Two Palestinians were also killed and many others were injured during Israeli shelling that smashed into the homes of Ash-Shaja‘iya to the east of Gaza. They were identified as Hamza Mohammad ‘Ayyad and Shadi ‘Ayyad.

Three other Palestinians were killed and many others injured, including critical injuries, when Israeli warplanes pounded a gathering of Palestinian civilians in Tal As-Sultan neighborhood in Rafah.

Israel bombarded early Saturday a number of civilian residential buildings to the west of the Saudi neighborhood in Rafah, a home belonging to Zo‘rub family in northern Rafah and another home belonging to Gheith family in Tal Al-Sultan neighborhood, claiming the lives of at least 23 Palestinians and injuring over 40 others, most of whom are children and women.

Among the fatalities were at least seven members of Zo‘rub family. They were identified as Ra’fat Zo‘rub, Ahlam Zo‘rub, Su‘ad Zo‘rub, Shahed Zo‘rub, Khaled Zo‘rub, Amir Zo‘rub, and Oday Zo‘rub. Other fatalities were identified as Rawan Seyam, Asir Gheith, Farouq Gheith, Hanan Gheith and Yaser Al-Kurd.

Meanwhile, an Israeli F-16 fighter jet targeted early Saturday a home belonging to Ahmad Al-Nairab in Sabra neighborhood in downtown Gaza, claiming the lives of five Palestinians, including three children and an elderly, and injuring 14 others.

Another F-16 fighter jet targeted without any prior warning a civilian-populated home belonging to Al-Sha‘er family in Bashit refugee camp to the south of Rafah, claiming the lives of seven Palestinians and injuring at least 25 others.

Meanwhile, at least eight other Palestinians were killed early Saturday in Israeli bombardment on Rafah and northern Gaza Strip early at dawn.

Another Palestinian was killed and two others were injured when a home belonging to Abu Nuqira family was targeted with an Israeli missile in Rafah. The fatality was identified as Yassin Abu Nuqira.

At least eight Palestinians, including 6 members of Abu Suleiman family, were killed when their civilian-populated home was bombarded in Ash-Shabura neighborhood in Rafah. The fatalities were identified as Fida’ Yousef Abu Suleiman, Maha Ra’ed Abu Suleiman, Lama Rami Abu Suleiman, Jana Rami Abu Suleiman, Mohammad Rami Abu Suleiman, Ahmad Rami Abu Suleiman and Maryam Hasan Abu Jazar.

Another civilian-populated home in Jabalia in northern Gaza Strip was bombarded, claiming the life of a Palestinian and injuring several others. The fatality was identified as Fou’ad Da’oud Al-Dada.

An Israeli airstrike targeted early Saturday the Omari mosque in Jabalia, claiming the life of a Palestinian. He was identified as Da’oud Zakariya Suleiman, 50.

Source: WAFA