UPDATE (2): Israel Shells UNRWA-Run School in Gaza, Killing 10, Death Toll Hits 1767


GAZA, August 3, 2014 (WAFA) – At least 1767 Palestinian civilians, most of whom are children and women, have been killed and more than 9300 have been injured since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on Gaza on July 8, according to medical statistics.

As Sunday marks the 27th day of the continuing aggression, at least 62 Palestinians were killed, of whom 39 are from the city of Rafah, while 280 others were reported injured, during air and artillery attacks on several locations, most notably an UNRWA-run school on Rafah.

On Sunday, Israeli warplanes perpetrated a massacre and bombed Anas-Al-Wazeer School, run by UNRWA, where at least 10 civilians were killed and dozens were injured. The school was a shelter for families fleeing the horrendous Israeli massacres in nearby areas.

A few hours later, Israeli jet fighters targeted a house belonging to Majdalawi family in Beit Lahiya, to the north of Gaza, killing four civilians, including three brothers, and injuring 10 others. The fatalities were identified as Abd-Arrazeq Majdalawi, Atallah Majdalawi, Mahmoud Majdalawi, and Rawan Majdalawi.

The casualties and the fatalities were evacuated to a nearby hospital, said WAFA correspondent.

Earlier Sunday, Israeli jet fighters targeted a civilian car east of Rafah, killing one Palestinian and injuring others.

Medical teams also recovered the bodies of three Palestinian fatalities from under the rubble of destroyed homes in the villages of Khuza’a and Abasan, to the east of Khan Younes, said WAFA correspondent, adding that the bodies were decomposed.

A man was further killed and several others, from Hejazi family, were injured in an Israeli bombardment which targeted a house in Jabalia, north of Gaza.

Meanwhile, a reconnaissance aircraft targeted with a missile a motorbike in Jabaliya, killing at least seven Palestinians and injuring dozens others.

In the meantime, medical sources reported that 23 Palestinians were injured in the continuing Israeli shelling on Jabalia. They were transferred to hospital for medical treatment.

Earlier on Sunday, Israeli army perpetrated a massacre in Rafah, shelling the house of al-Ghoul family, killing at least 10 family members, including children, while injuring dozens others.

Earlier at predawn, five Palestinians were killed, including two children, and tens others were injured following an Israeli bombing of two houses, belonging to Abu-Jazar and Sha’ir families, in Rafah City.

Meanwhile, Israeli airstrikes targeted a house belonging to Okal family in Rafah City, killing Turkiya Okal, Ilham Okal, Mahmoud Okal, in addition to Mohammad Heijazi.

Meanwhile, an Israeli bombardment on Jabaliya, to the north of Gaza, in the morning hours claimed the lives of three Palestinians, who were identified as 9-year-old Rajab Sharafi, Mohammad Sharafi, 25, and Najah Sharafi, 48.

Two Palestinians from Jabara family, in addition to Ayman al-Shair, 17, were killed in an Israeli strike targeting a group of people in a-Janina neighborhood to the east of Rafah, while one was injured.

Israeli warplanes targeted a house belonging to al Khatat family in Deir al-Balah, killing four; Atwa Khattat, 65, Ameera Khattat, 55, Mohammad Khattat, 23, and Sulaiman Khattat, 24 were killed.the shelling of the house also caused the killing of two more Palestinians  whose house was adjacent to al-Khatat’s home. The fatalities were identified as 5-year-old Rimas al-Attar and 24-year-old Niveen al-Attar.

WAFA correspondent said the Israeli army is targeting medical teams and civil defense with artillery fire whenever they try to evacuate the casualties from the bombed houses in Deir el-Balah. Army also threatened to once again bomb al-Khatat’s house.

Medical teams also retrieved the bodies of Ahmad Qashta along with two others whose identities were not identified, to the east of Rafah, who were all killed in an Israeli artillery shelling on the area.

Warplanes further hit a house, belonging to Abu-Shalouf family, in the Rafah district of al-Mawasi, where at least five Palestinians were killed, including an elderly, raising the overall death toll in the city of Rafah to 28 since dawn Sunday. Three others were injured in the attack, including one seriously.

Israeli artillery shelling also targeted a house belonging to Nasir family in Beit Lahiya, to the north of Gaza, killing one and injuring 10 others.

In the meantime, six Palestinians were injured, including one seriously, as jet fighters hit a house in Deir el-Balah.

Moreover, Israeli airstrikes hit two houses in Jabaliya and Beit Lahiya, in the northern Gaza Strip, killing 50-year-old Hatem Wahdan, 27-year-old Sanyoura Wahdan, and Jamila Wahdan.

WAFA correspondent said 11 palestinians were also injured in the attack, including serious injuries, amid the possibility of further casualties buried under the rubble. Most of the wounded were from the Wahdan family.

Witness said the shelling caused the complete destruction of the two houses, while nearby houses were partially damaged.

Israeli missiles targeted al-Thafer residential tower in the Rimal neighborhood, central Gaza Strip, on Sunday.

WAFA’s correspondent stated that 15 missiles targeted the tower, setting fire to the upper floors, with no injuries reported.

Meanwhile, warplanes hit the house of al-Tabasi family in Madakha St. in Rafah City, as well as the house of Sheikh Khalil family in Sheikh Radwan district, in Gaza City, yet no injuries were reported.


Source: WAFA