UPDATE – 20 Palestinians Killed, 11 Bodies Retrieved on 28th Day of Israeli Aggression on Gaza


GAZA, August 4, 2014 – (WAFA) – As Israel continued its bombardment of the Gaza Strip for the 28th day, 20 Palestinians were killed, dozens others were injured and the bodies of 11 Palestinian were recovered from under the rubble of homes across Gaza, bringing the death toll to about 1,836 and over 9,400 injuries.

The decomposing bodies of 11 Palestinian were retrieved by Palestinian rescue teams from the rubble across Gaza Strip.

According to Palestinian medical sources, three bodies were retrieved from Beit Lahia and Jabalia and three others were retrieved from Ash-Shaja‘iya neighborhood to the east of Gaza. Besides, the body of Mohammad Al-Astal was retrieved from Al-Qarara to the east of Khan Younes and another body was retrieved from eastern Rafah.

Israel has unilaterally declared that it would temporarily hold its fire as it declared a seven-hour humanitarian ceasefire from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The ceasefire reportedly applies everywhere in the war-torn besieged coastal enclave except for areas in Rafah.

Israel has already however breached this unilaterally-declared ceasefire as an Israeli surveillance drone fired a missile at Mesbeh to the east of Rafah, claiming the lives of two Palestinians.  One fatality was identified as Fadi Abdul-Karim Madi, 26.

Another airstrike targeted a home belonging to Hammouda Al-Bakri in Shati refugee camp in the second Israeli breach of the ceasefire, claiming the life of a child and injuring 30 others, including a critically-injured child, who later died of her wounds at the Al-Shifa Medical Complex.

Earlier, a surveillance drone targeted eastern Khan Younes, claiming the lives of two Palestinians and injuring another. The fatalities were identified as Mahmoud Zaki Al-Lahham and Mohammad Al-Astal, both in their twenties of age.

Earlier, another airstrike targeted early Monday a gathering of Palestinians in Al-Zarqa and Street 1 in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood to the north of Gaza city, claiming the lives of six Palestinians, including two brothers.

Four fatalities were identified as Ahmad Maqat, Hammad Maqat, Zaher Al-Andah and Suleiman Ma‘rouf.

Meanwhile, two members of Najem family succumbed to their wounds they had sustained when their home, located in the vicinity of Al-Tawba mosque in Jabalia refugee camp, was bombarded, raising the number of Najem family members killed in the shelling to 10.

Israeli warplanes also targeted early Monday for the second time a home belonging to ‘Ayed Al-‘Abadla in Al-Karara to the east of Khan Younes. No injuries were reported.

Israel bombarded anew early Monday Al-Sheikh Radwan neighborhood to the north of Gaza city and Khan Younes, claiming the lives of two Palestinians and injuring many others seriously.

A home was targeted early Monday in the Al-Namsawi neighborhood to the west of Khan Younes, injuring many Palestinians.

Another airstrike targeted early Monday a home at Brazil neighborhood in Rafah, claiming the life of a child and injuring four others of her family members. The fatality was identified as Raghd Mas‘oud, 7, while the condition of the injuries was described between moderate and serious.

Meanwhile, another Palestinian identified as Abdul-Hay Salama Al-Qrinawi, 45, succumbed early Monday to his wounds he had sustained in Israeli bombardment on central Gaza Strip.

Source: WAFA