UPDATE 3: Death Toll Hits 535 as Israel’s Aggression on Gaza Continues

Violence in Gaza

GAZA, July 21, 2014 (WAFA) – At least 535 Palestinians have been killed and more than 3177 have been injured as Israel’s aggression on Gaza continues on Monday for the 14th day, according to medical statistics.

Most of the casualties and fatalities so far have been children, including infants, women, and elderly, according to media and medical sources.

On the 14th day of aggression on Gaza, at least 69 Palestinians were killed in a series of airstrikes that targeted several locations across the Gaza Strip.

Medical sources said that three Palestinians from Jundiya family were killed; Mahran Jundiya, Rahma Jundiya, and Tamer Jundiya, were killed afternoon Monday as Israeli artillery hit a civilian house in Shuja’iyya neighborhood east of Gaza, whereas Ibrahim Sha’ban was killed in Israeli bombing on ash-Shaghaf area northeast of Gaza.

Another resident of Shuja’iyya was also reported killed, yet his name was not identified.

Five Palestinians were killed Monday as Israeli warplanes hit az-Zanna district in Bani Suhaila, east of Khan Yunes City. They were identified as: Nedal Abu-Daqqa, Karam Barham, Nedal Abu-Asi, Mohammad al-Masri, and Ibrahim al-Qarra.

In the meantime, local sources said Mohammad Abu-Haddaf, a local resident of al-Qarrara, was killed in Israeli shelling on the village located east of Khan Yunes.

WAFA correspondent said five Palestinians were also killed, including two children and an elderly, after airstrikes targeted several homes in Karama area northwest of Gaza City.

Two of the victims were identified as Mohammad Ghalban, 23 and 60-year-old Wajdi al-Yaziji.

Air attacks on Ash-Shoka area, northwest of Rafah City, killed at least 11 family members, including an infant and a number of children, while 20 others were injured, reported WAFA correspondent.

WAFA correspondent said around 12 shells randomly and violently hit six homes belonging to Seyam family, killing at least 11 innocent civilians, a number of whom were identified as: 8 months old Dalal Seyam, 8-year-old Ghaida Seyam, Mustafa Seyam, 12, Ahmad Seyam, 17, Sumood Seyam, 26, two 25-year-old Mohammad and Baddir Seyam, Kamal Seyam, 27, and Sehrine Seyam, 32.

Earlier Monday, Mohammad al-Ashhab, 22, and Abdullah Hamdan, also in his twenties, were killed in an Israeli strike that hit al-Mughraqa area south of Gaza, while the bodies of two other fatalities were recovered in Khan Yunes by the civil defense crews.

In the meantime, 22-year-old Ra’id al-Bardawil was killed and four others were injured as an Israeli airstrike targeted a group of people to the west of Rafah at predawn.

Abdulla Abu-Hajair, a resident of Juhr-Eddik quarter in the central Gaza Strip, was also killed after a reconnaissance aircraft targeted a motorbike while at Bureij refugee camp.

Meanwhile, Yousef Sheikh Eid, 24, was killed as the Israeli army indiscriminately targeted Rafah City.

A Palestinian was reported killed and another was injured in the intensive ongoing Israeli shelling on az-Zaytoun neighborhood southeast of Gaza City.

At predawn Monday, 38-year-old Raja’I Hammad died of his wounds – which he had sustained in an earlier Israeli bombing – while he was being hospitalized in an Egyptian hospital.

Meanwhile, the bodies of 28 Palestinians were recovered from under the rubbles of their three-story house that was bombed and destroyed by Israeli F16 jet fighters in the early dawn hours without any prior notice.

In the meantime, 22-year-old Kamal al-Masri was killed in an Israeli air attack that hit the town of Beit Hanoun, to the north of Gaza, whereas 30-year-old Ra’ed Dawoud was killed as Israeli warplanes continued bombing the battered Shuja’iyya neighborhood in Gaza.

Meanwhile, medical sources announced that two Palestinians, who were receiving treatment in Egypt and Jordan, have died of their wounds.

According to witnesses, Israeli warplanes further hit a three-storey building in az-Zanna neighborhood in Gaza, killing a number of Palestinians.

Latter on Monday, the body of Mahmoud an-Nakhala was recovered by the civil defense from under the rubble of his bombarded house in Gaza city.

Kamal Masoud and Saleh al-Badawi were also killed in Israeli artillery shelling on az-Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City.

Meanwhile, there are conflicting reports of other bodies that might still be buried under the rubbles homes bombarded by Israeli shelling on nearby az-Zautoun and Shuja’iyya districts.


Source: WAFA