UPDATE: Death Toll up to 612 as Israel’s Offensive on Gaza Continues

Bombe over Gaza

GAZA, July 22, 2014 (WAFA) – At least 612 Palestinians were killed, including children, women and elderly, while around 3700 others were injured since Israel started its ‘Operation Protective Edge’ aggression on Gaza on July 8, according to medical statistics.

As Tuesday marks the 15th day since the beginning of the aggression, WAFA correspondent said at least 29 Palestinians were killed and more than 70 were injured since the early morning as Israeli artillery, battleships and warplanes continued to violently shell civilian areas, including mosques, government departments, public and private facilities and infrastructure.

Hospitals across the Gaza Strip reported that they have received dozens of cases of injuries and deaths where bodies reached the hospital charred, body parts blown off, or amputated limbs, most belonging to innocent children and women, in addition to many cases of second and third degree burns.

WAFA correspondents said Israeli army bombed a house in as-Sanafi neighborhood east of Khan Yunes and killed Ahmad-Abu Salah. Another one was also reported killed, yet he was not identified.

Israeli shelling that targeted a group of people in Beit Hanoun resulted in the injury of three Palestinians, whereas five others were injured in Israeli shelling on residents’ homes in Tuffah district east of Gaza City.

A number of people were also wounded in Israeli artillery shelling that hit a house in as-Salam district east of Rafah.

Artillery shelling also targeted Tuffah district in Gaza, injuring several Palestinians, who were later transferred to a nearby hospital.

A mosque in Maghazi refugee camp was also a target for Israeli bombardment, yet no injuries were reported.

Israeli navy further targeted residents’ homes to the west of Rafah and Gaza cities.

Medical sources said the body of an unknown man was recovered from under the rubbles in Shuja’iyya district in Gaza, whereas Ahmad Abu-Salah was killed as the Israeli military targeted a park east of Gaza city with an artillery shell.

Israeli army also bombarded a poultry farm in the village of al-Qarara, northeast of Kah Yunes, killing Mohammad Fayyad and Sameh Sawafiri and injuring five others.

On Tuesday noon, a mother and her child were killed in Israeli artillery shelling on a house in Beit Hanoun, in the northern Gaza Strip. The mother was identified as Muna Kharwat, while her daughter was identified as Nehal.

Meanwhile, two elderly sisters identified as Fatima Azzam, 70, and Mariam Azzam, 50, were killed as the Israeli artillery continued to shell az-Zaytoun district east of Gaza.

Furthermore, Israeli bombardment on houses in az-Zanna quarter, east of Khan Yunes, resulted in the killing of Sameer al-Agha and Sulaiman Abu-Daher.

Civil defense also recovered the body of an unknown man who had been buried under the rubble of as-Salam Building in Gaza City, which was shelled and destroyed by Israeli warplanes on Monday.

Israeli bombing on Nasr quarter in Rafah City also ended up with the killing of Khadra Tailakh, and the injury of two other Palestinians.

In the meantime, Israeli jet fighters targeted Meraj area, northeast of Rafah, killing yasmeen Abu-Mor.

Jet fighters also targeted a house in Gaza with a missile, leaving several people wounded and completely destroying the house.

Earlier in the morning, Israeli warplanes and artillery bombarded Deir el-Balah, killing Ibtihal Remahi, Yousef Remahi, Eman Remahi, Salwa Abu-Manifi and Samira Abu-Manifi.

In the meantime, the Israeli artillery targeted the town of Bani Suhaila, east of Khan Yunes, killing Mohammad Abu-Jame’.

Meanwhile, Naji al-Fajem, 26, and Mosab Salameh, 19, were killed as an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft targeted a group of people in Khan Yunes City. Others were reported wounded in the incident, including one seriously.

Another Israeli airstrike hit Nusseirat refugee camp, in the central Gaza Strip, killing Mohammad Haroun, 38, whereas Abdullah al-Bahisi, 27, was killed in Israeli bombardment on the nearby city of Deir el-Balah.

Warplanes also targeted a house in Khan Yunes, killing 55-year-old Mahmoud Abu-Sabha and injuring others.

60-year-old Hassan Baker was also killed in an Israeli artillery shelling on western Gaza City.

Moreover, F16 jet fighters hit many agricultural areas and private properties, causing financial damages.

Meanwhile, Fire erupted Tuesday in a cow farm in Beit Hanoun, northeast of Gaza, as an Israeli artillery shell hit the farm, according to media sources. Israeli army denied ambulances and civil defense access to the area.

In the meantime, a group of journalists survived what would have been a certain death as Israeli airstrikes targeted the headquarters of journalists and reporters working for Al-Jazeera, Associated Press and Doha Center for Freedom of Press, located on the upper floor of al-Jala Building in Gaza City.


Source: WAFA