US Urges Israel to Expedite Case of US-Palestinian Teen Held in Israeli Custody

Pal children in israeli prison

WASHINGTON, July 29, 2014 – (WAFA) – The US urged Tuesday Israel to expedite the case of a US-Palestinian teen who has been held in Israeli custody for three weeks on charges of participating in a protest in East Jerusalem amid concerns that he has been mistreated.

According to the AFP, Mohammad Abu Nia, 15, was arrested on July 3 and was charged with stone-throwing, carrying a knife and participating in organizing a protest in East Jerusalem.

State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki said: “Considering his age, we are calling for a speedy resolution to this case. This 15-year-old has now been held for three weeks in Israeli custody and has seen his parents only once briefly during that night.

She expressed the department’s grave concerns about holding Abu Nia in custody. She stated: “We are certainly gravely concerned about the detention of an American citizen child.”

She noted that US consular officials visited Abu Nia on July 17 while he was detained in an Israeli jail and attended a hearing session on July 22.

Responding to media reports that Abu Nia was physically assaulted before being arrested, Psaki said: “We are concerned about allegations that he has been mistreated while in custody. We obviously take all such allegations seriously and raise them with authorities as appropriate.”


Source: WAFA