WHO: Gaza Death Toll Exceeds Number of Previous Two Wars Combined


JERUSALEM, August 7, 2014 – “Casualties now exceed the number of the previous two conflicts in Gaza combined, in 2008–2009 and in 2012,” Thursday said the World Health Organization in a special situation report on Gaza.

“From initial assessments, 3000 structures have been completely destroyed and 30 000 damaged, Thursday said the World Health Organization,” added the report.

“A ceasefire began on the 5th of August following several days of intense violence in many areas in the Gaza Strip. The Ministry of Health (MoH) estimates that at least 100 people may have been buried under rubble of destroyed buildings but ambulances could not evacuate them during the continuous violence,” the WHO said.

“Three ambulance workers were killed while attempting to evacuate patients in Rafah.”

Hospitals are treating a constant influx of new casualties in already overcrowded facilities and with vastly reduced supply of electricity, following last week’s destruction of the Gaza power plant and most of the main power lines into Gaza from Israel.

Only 40% of hospital staff has been able to report for work and existing health staff is fatigued, with critical staff working 24-hours shifts. Resources are limited: donated medical supplies had been maintaining only minimum levels of essential medicines due to the heavy caseload of wounded.


Source: WAFA