World Bank Project to Improve Solid Waste Management

RAMALLAH, September 3, 2013 (WAFA) – An $8.3 million World Bank grant is going to fund a new project to improve access to solid waste management services in the West Bank, a press release said on Tuesday.

The project will benefit Palestinians in Hebron and Bethlehem governorates who will have access to better quality and more affordable waste collection.

The World Bank, administrator for the Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid (GPOBA), will support the Palestinian Authority with the grant for the project.

“Unsanitary waste collection and disposal is a serious issue in Hebron and Bethlehem, particularly for the poor living close to unregulated dumpsites at the edge of towns and villages,” said Mariam Sherman, World Bank Country Director for the West Bank and Gaza.

“The grant will improve the quality and the efficiency of the solid waste management system and consequently will help protect the environment and health of citizens,” she said.

Subsidies will be provided to the service providers – Municipalities and Village Councils, the Joint Services Councils for Planning and Development, the Joint Services Council of Hebron as well as of Bethlehem – to improve the solid waste management collection services and to promote financial sustainability of the solid waste management system.

“The project is one of the first to use the output-based aid approach (OBA) – the OBA subsidy will serve as an incentive to the service provider who will receive it if they meet performance targets. The grant will provide much needed support to the local authorities and will foster sustainable solid waste management services,” said Carmen Nonay, Manager, GPOBA.

source:WAFA NEWS