World Bank to fund Gaza water services rehabilitation

(Ma’an News) On Tuesday a $6.4 million grant was approved by The World Bank in order to improve and expand coverage of water and sewage services in the Gaza Strip writes Ma’an News.

In a statement, the board of directors approved the plan for the Gaza Water Supply and Sewage Systems Improvement Project. World Bank country director Mariam Sherman expressed a concern about the lack of clean water supply and the deterioration in the quality of water resources in the Gaza Strip, which is one of the most densely populated areas on earth. “The new project is very important to Gaza citizens. Not only will it increase the sustainability of water and sewage networks, but it will also allow the utility to better serve the needs of their customers”, Sherman says to Ma’an News.  Iyad Rammal, an infrastructure specialist for the World Bank, said that the project will be part of the strategy for the West Bank and Gaza to support local institutions. The World Bank will as part of the new project provide technical and operational assistance so that water and sewage services may be more efficiently managed. Besides, the project will fund the construction of water tanks to collect and blend water from different sources in order improve the quality and efficiency of Gaza water supply and wastewater services. In addition to this, a strategic partnership with the Islamic Development Bank will allow a contribution of $11.14 million in parallel financing to the project, the World Bank statement said.

Source: Ma’an News Agency