Youth Injured in Jenin Raid Dies of Wounds

JENIN, August 31, 2013 (WAFA) – Karim Abu Sbeih, 17, who was seriously injured by Israeli army gunfire during a raid on Jenin refugee camp on August 20 died Saturday of his wounds, sources at Nablus hospital said.

Abu Sbeih was injured in the waist when an army unit entered the camp to arrest an activist.

Clashes broke out then between residents and the soldiers who opened fire at the Palestinians killing Majd Lahlouh and seriously injuring Abu Sbeih and Jamal Abu Khalifa, 19.

Abu Sbeih was transferred o Nablus hospital for treatment until he was pronounced dead and Abu Khalifa is getting treatment at Makassed Hospital in East Jerusalem due to the seriousness of his injury.

sourec:WAFA NEWS